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Local LL Umpire Craig Reynolds
by posted 02/04/2018

Congratulations to Grand Island Little League Umpire In Chief Craig Reynolds on being selected to work the 2018 Eastern Regional Little League Softball Tournament in Bristol Connecticut. The tournament will be held from July 20th to July 26th and the eventual winner will be heading to the 2018 Little League World Series in Portland Oregon.

Craig was chosen from a group of Umpires throughout the East Region. This is a tremendous reflection of Craig, Grand Island Little League and New York District One.

Congrats once again Craig on a job well done! 

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Welcome Lancaster-Depew Baseball to NY District One LL
by posted 01/31/2018

NY District One and Little League Baseball, Inc is proud to announce the addition of Lancaster-Depew Baseball to our Little League Family starting with the upcoming 2018 season. Welcome aboard Paul Cumbo, President, your Board of Directors and of course all of your league members including players, parents and fans!

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2018 LL Softball Tournament Dates
by posted 01/02/2018

2018 NY State All Stars Softball Tournaments Schedule

Softball    District                  Sect. 1-2-3-4       NY State          Region            World Series

8/9/10         June 28-July 5    July 8-14             July 18-24       July 28-Aug 4        N/A

10/11/12     June 21-27          June 30-July 7    July 11-17       July 20-26       August 8-15

Junior        June 22-27          June 30-July 7    July 11-16       July 20-25      July 29-Aug 4

Senior All Stars moves to State Tournament July 11-16       July 20-25      July 30-Aug 5

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2018 LL Baseball Tournament Dates
by posted 01/02/2018

2018 NY State All Stars Baseball Tournaments Schedule

Baseball        District                 Sect. 1-2-3-4         NY State         Region            World Series

8/9/10            June 23-July 7      July 10-16            July 21-28        August 3-11       N/A

9/10/11          June 23-July 15    July 18-24            July 28-Aug 3       N/A                N/A

10/11/12        June 23-July 11    July 14-20            July 24-30        August 4-11     August 16-26

50/70             June 19-25            June 28-July 4     July 8-14          July 18-25 3     July 29-Aug 5

Junior           July 7-12               July 15-20            July 24-29         August 2-8       August 12-19

Senior          June 22-27            June 30-July 6     July 10-15         July 19-24        July 28-Aug 4

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2018 Umpire Clinic
by posted 11/17/2017

                             2018 Umpire Clinic hosted by Grand Island Little League

See below as my district is hosting this event. More information will be posted at

Mr. Tom Rawlings with Zachary Gump (as seen on Little League University) along with other Williamsport trained umpires will teach all interested in learning how to become an umpire the WILLIAMSPORT WAY.

This one day class will be held on Grand Island, March 24, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Class will be capped at 35 participants!!

Register now!!!

Cost $40.00
To register please contact Craig Reynolds via email at


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