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To:      All League Presidents


Re:      District Meeting


When: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Time:  7:00pm – 8:30pm

Place:  Witters Sports Bar & Grill 300 Oliver Street North Tonawanda, NY 14120




  • Tournament Sites


  • Open Discussion


  • Adjournment


2017 Host Leagues for District Tournaments.

            8-10 Central Amherst & Wilson Little Leagues

            9-11 North Tonawanda National Little League

          10-12 Lockport Little League

          13-14 Grand Island Little League  

          15-16 TBA


              8-10 Softball Grand Island Little League

            10-12 Softball Grand Island Little League


2017 League Assessments:

For the past several seasons each league has paid an amount based on how many teams they enter in our

District tournaments. Based on how much each championship flag and pins will cost for 2017 the following assessments will be as follows:


            $175.00…..if your league sends zero, one or two teams into District play.

            $225.00…..if your league sends three teams into District play.

            $275.00…..if your league sends four teams into District play.

            $325.00…..if your league sends five teams into District play.

            $350.00…..if your league sends six or more teams into District play (maximum amount).


Due by June 1, 2017


The money collected goes to cover District expenses including Sectional fees, District, State and Regional meetings as well as tournament expenses including championship banners, pins and game balls.


Please calculate the amount your league owes and make your check payable to:

NY District One Fund

c/o John Godfrey

  7021 Academy Lane, Lockport NY 14094


Please complete this form and return to me no later than May 15, 2017



                                                            2017 Little League Tournaments

                                                                      New York District One  


                                        Circle YES or NO for entering Teams in the Tournament



DIVISION                                         BASEBALL                                       SOFTBALL


8/10                                                     YES                NO                              YES                NO


9/11                                                     YES                NO                             


10/12                                                   YES                NO                              YES                NO


50/70                                                   YES                NO


JUNIORS                                           YES                NO                              YES                NO


SENIORS                                           YES                NO                              YES                NO



League Name: ____________________________________________________________________



Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: _________________



If you have any other items you would like to add to our agenda please do not hesitate to contact me.